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Zeus Dual Rta Uk - How To Clean A Globe Vape Pen

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Zeus Dual Rta Uk

The Zeus DUAL RTA by Geek Vape is the continuation of the wildly popular Zeus platform, integrating an updated postless build deck with four terminal openings to accommodate single or dual coils while maintaining the dynamic, leak-proof top airflow designBuild Type: Single or Dual Adjustable Top & Side airflow Type of Vape: Flavour & Vapour Inhalation Type: Direct to lung. Package includes: 1 x Zeus RTA 2 x Coils (N80 0.4ohm) 1 x 810 Drip Tip 1 x Spare glass tube 1 x Hex wrench 1 x GV triangular tool 2 x Feather cotton 1 x User manualJun 04, 2018 · For some reason, I can pick up the Zeus Dual RTA here for slightly cheaper than the Zeus Single RTA #5 DarkWolfy, May 20, 2018. Mitz Veteran. Big Softy. 100 Points. The Owl. 50 Points. Ya Can't Touch This. 100 Points. The Oddly Shaped Fruit. 50 Points. The Joker. 50 Points. Joined: Jun 24, 2017 Messages: 8,855Descriptions Zeus Dual is an upgraded dual coil version of the original Zeus RTA, with the innovative leak-proof top airflow system, airflow transferring from the top to the bottom to maintain great flavor. It comes with upgraded postless build deck that allows for easy building for both single coil and dual coils.Zeus Dual RTA by GeekVape is upgraded to the original Zeus RTA. Capable of taking Duel or Single coil builds with ease. Combining their effective wicking system and fantastic 3D airflow, the Zeus Duel RTA will provide a flavour and cloud packed vape. All new Zeus Dual colours now available!This item ships for FREE The final model in the Zeus range, the Zeus X from Geek Vape is a dual-coil RTA made to perform on both the flavour and vapour front. Top airflow, leak proof design and a wide bore drip tip work together to provide an exceptional vaping …Zeus Dual RTA Single Coil Mode? | Vaping Forum - Planet of ...Geek Vape Zeus DUAL 26mm RTAZeus Dual RTA by Geek Vape – Grey HazeGeek Vape Zeus Dual RTA Review - Is This One For the ...Geek Vape Zeus X RTA – Vaping 101 UK's Number 1Mar 18, 2019 · The Zeus X RTA by Geekvape Is The Last Of The Trio – So Is It Best Out Of Three This is both a single and dual coil tank with a 4.5ml max capacity for everywhere except the UK and Europe – where thanks to the TPD we get the 2ml. The good news is larger bubble glass can be bought and as you’ll see below others do fit.Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape | Free UK DeliveryGeekvape Zeus X RTA Geek Vape Online StoreGeekvape Zeus Dual RTA | Gearbest UKJul 02, 2018 · The Geek Vape Zeus Dual RTA, as the name suggests, takes both dual and single coils and is the ‘upgraded’ version of the original with a few design alterations. It’s still a top airflow leak proof design and is slightly taller than its predecessor and comes in a handful of different colours.Description In Stock £22.99 The God of RTA's has been redesigned from the ground up to fully embrace your dual coil builds. Geekvape have re-imagined what was already one of the best rebuildable tanks available and the Zeus X is worthy of its title.GeekVape Zeus X RTA Review - It Really IS A Cracking RTA ...

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